A vassal or feudatory is a person who has entered into a mutual obligation to a lord or monarch in the context of the feudal system. The obligations include military support and mutual protection, in exchange for certain privileges, usually including the grant of land held as a fiefdom.

There are seven tiers of Imperial titles. Any title can be vassalized to any other at a higher tier but not at the same or a lower tier. Any ruler can also be independent and thus answerable to nobody.

The tiers are as follows from highest to Lowest.

  • Emperor — The ultimate Imperial Authority. The emperor holds all Kaiser titles.
  • Kaiser — The Kaiser-ships are titular holdings that organize Archdukes into groups of between three and six.
  • Archduke — An Archduke rules over a swath of space usually called a “sector” with many jump gates (typically between 20 and 30).
  • Marquis — Marquis rule vast domains representing humanity in in the tens or even hundreds of billions. Even frontier Marquis (Margraves) determine the fate of billions.
  • Count/Viscount — Rule planets, gates, or planetary systems complete with gates. {META: No real human being in history has ever held this much power. Counts rule the world they are the count of}
  • Baron — Barons rule important strategic holdings but lack real political authority.
  • Knight — Knights fiefs are continents, moons, asteroid belts, Jump Beacons or, rarely Jump engines.


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