Dramatis personæ

Dramatis personæ

The makers of fate held in stars.


Player Characters (PCs)

Player Characters listed in alphabetical order by family name.

Gideon Clark ( Mining Magnate)

James Nightengale(Captain of the Jolly Roger)

Conor Titus Prefect of The Gate

Non-player Characters (NPCs)

The Titus family

Zayden Titus (Margrave of Sturja)
Lexa Titus (Marchoiness of Sturja)
Stanton Titus (Count of Cyris Hope)
Izek Titus (Viscount of the Commonwealth)
Alec Titus (Prefect of the Gate 273)
Annelle Titus (Prefect of the Gate 2696)
Peton Titus (Prefect of the Gate 587)
Klara Black

Other Nobles
Rise Flezal (Prefect of Gate 2251)
Rone Poward (Prefect of Gate 2435)
Dorian Weyer (Bishop of Sturja)
Lucius Severt (Protos of the Illumination)
Resa Parkson (Chair of the Board of Mundoon Mining Company)

Members of Court
Marshal Dever (Marshal of Sturja)

Dramatis personæ

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