Cyris Hope

Cyris Hope


The fourth planet from Sturja is home to the Margrave of Sturja. The capitol of the Sturja System, León, is located on Cyris Hope (Sturja IV).

Sturja IV is a not a Gaian world. Humans cannot breath the atmosphere without technological aid the nobility of Sturja March receive customized in utero gene therapy to modify their respiratory system such that they can breath the atmosphere unaided.

A Magnificent holy site, The Temple of the Two Skies, attracts millions of tourists each year to Cyris Hope. The Temple is a clear glass and plastic structure alone on the open ocean. The building is designed to cause minimal environment impact to avoid disturbing the bio luminescent sea life of Sturja IV. The result is that on clear nights when the stars are out and the creatures of the sea are beaming, strolling through the church feels like walking through the universe.

Moons of Cyris Hope

The moons of Cyris Hope are remarkably full of life. Mundoon, is the home of the Mundoon Mining company and Jehkar houses the Jehkar Academy of Finance & Philosophy. The farthest moon Graza has a few research posts.

Orbital Elements *

Mass 6.06E+024 kg
Semi-Major Axis 2.27 AU
Semi-minor Axis 2.27 AU
Apoapsis 2.28 AU
Periapsis 2.26 AU
Eccentricity 0.0029°
Orbital Period 3.39 Cycles
Inclination 2.9°
Satellites 3 moons

Physical Characteristics

Radius 508.4 km
Surface Gravity 11.0291 m/s2
Density 1.96 g/cm3
Circumference 3194.38 km
Surface Area 3248062.4 km2
Volume 550440474.26 km3
Escape velocity 11.56 km/s

Habitability Characteristics

Bond Albedo 15
Greenhouse effect 3.5
Mean Surface Temperature 296 K
Mean Surface Temperature 73 °F
Surface Pressure 205772 kPa

Cyris Hope

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