Having a claim to a title means you’ve got a justification for it being yours. Claims are used as Casus Belli for war, and less frequently as a justification for title revocation.

Types of Claims

Claims come in two varieties, weak and strong.

A holder of either type of claim is eligible to have his claim pressed by a faction, and also automatically qualifies as a potential candidate under Elective Succession. Lieges with either type of claim on a title may revoke that title from a Vassal.

Strong Claims

A strong claim can be pushed against anyone by almost anyone. The only exception is that a liege cannot push a vassal or female courtier’s claim upon a title if the title uses Agnatic succession law. A woman may push her own claim regardless of what the succession law is.

Typically only the first, second and, third in line to a title will get strong claims upon the titleholder’s death. There is one exception: under gavelkind succession, the primary heir does not get claims on titles that are passed to his siblings if they become his vassals, although he does if they become independent.

It is possible to forge a strong claim. Also The Holy Father (Bishop of the Unity) has granted claims counties and duchies though this is exceptionally rare.

Children of strong claim holders inherit weak claims. Except in the case of fabricated or granted claims, which are not inherited unless pressed in war.

Weak Claims

A weak claim can only be pushed if:

  • title is held by a woman and the claimant is male
  • realm is in a regency due to prison, incapability, or youth
  • the title is currently contested in another war
  • or claimant is 2nd or 3rd in line to the title.

Like with strong claims, you cannot put a woman on a throne if the succession is Agnatic. All children (unless 2nd or 3rd in line) of a titleholder get weak claims upon the titleholder’s death, and their children can inherit the claim, and they can be inherited from holders of strong claims. The claim has to be pushed if the children’s children are to inherit the claim. A character who loses a title (through war, intrigue, or inheritance out of realm) will also get a weak claim on their former territory.


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