Lexa Titus

Marchioness of Sturja, Regent of Sturja


Marchioness of Sturja, Regent of Sturja.


Early Life

The Marchoiness was born in Scowom, Nyanene Dominion, to a musical Brehew family. Growing up in Scowom, Lexa learned how to play the piano by practicing on a Petrof upright that her grandfather gave her mother. The family left the Nyanene Dominion when Lexa was nine and a half, during the period of , when “Resurrection & Openness”citizens were permitted to emigrate. Although the family had been unable to bring their piano from the Domain, Lexa practiced on tabletops and other hard surfaces.

The Benzon family was admitted to the Imperium Coren as refugees with the assistance of the Brehew Immigrant Aid Society. They settled in Zarriah 118 System. Lexa studied classical piano and violin, she wrote her first a cappella songs around the age of 16 and her first songs for voice and piano when she was nearly 18.

The Marchioness met Zayen Titus while attending a four-year studio composition program of the Conservatory of Music at Ceziah College. She completed the program in three years, graduating with honors.

Musical Career

She gradually achieved recognition through performances in the anti-folk scene in the Capitol of Ceziah and also performed at local colleges with other musicians. Lexa sold self-published CDs at her performances during this period until she signed a contract with Sire Records to publish and distribute her third album Dominion Kitsch, originally self-released. Her fame gradually increased with her discography of six studio albums, two extended plays, one live album, and eleven singles.

Zayden and Lexa reconnected after while she was a troop morale tour with the Services Organization. The two were married and have 4 children together.

Political Triumph

During the Cherono-Kesperite Rebellion Lexa masterfully turned the political landscape of the Commonwealth of Cywrath against the rebellion while saving face for the Viscount.
When she became Marchioness she was appointed Regent in designation of the Sturja March.

Lexa Titus

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