Held in Stars

Forge your destiny or suffer your fate.


Moguls, power brokers, king makers, and kings, know the fate of the universe is held in stars. These are the stories of those who forge their own destiny and who guide the destiny of the Known Worlds.

“Held in Stars” is a Science Fiction adaptation of the “Burning Wheel” role playing game. It borrows a bit from Burning Wheel’s own Sci-Fi version “Burning Empires” but is set outside of the Iron Empires source material and is not a competitively balanced PvP game.

Player characters play the movers and shakers of the universe, Magnates of Industry, Pirate Princes, Dukes and kings. Basically, it’s “Game of Thrones” in space.

These pages are intended to provide a resource for players to plot and scheme in between table top sessions.

It is still, very much, a work in progress.

Where to go from here?

Find your bearings in the Sturja System, or check out the peerage in Dramatis personæ.

Held In Stars

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