Sturja VII

Sturja VII


Sturja VII is a typical gas giant that lies just beyond the Frost line of it’s namesake star. It is the largest gas giant in the Sturja system.

Orbital Elements *

Mass 1.33E+028 kg
Semi-Major Axis 9.23 AU
Semi-minor Axis 9.23 AU
Apoapsis 928.01 AU
Periapsis 917.99 AU
Eccentricity 0.0054°
Orbital Period .595 Cycles
Inclination 5.42°
Satellites none

Physical Characteristics

Radius 7224.66 km
Surface Gravity 119.7030 m/s2
Density 1.5 g/cm3
Circumference 45393.88 km
Surface Area 655910662.93 km2
Volume 1579577176669.41 km3
Escape velocity 143.59 km/s

Habitability Characteristics

Bond Albedo .5
Greenhouse effect 100
Mean Surface Temperature 313 K
Mean Surface Temperature 40 °F
Surface Pressure 2427235 kPa

Sturja VII

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