Sturja VI

Sturja VI


Sturja VI, the sixth planet from Sturja, in the star system that bears its name is an icy ball of rock covered in a glacier matrix that may have been it’s atmosphere in past eons.

Orbital Elements *

Mass 3.05E+024 kg
Semi-Major Axis 6.45 AU
Semi-minor Axis 6.45 AU
Apoapsis 6.5 AU
Periapsis 6.4 AU
Eccentricity 0.0079°
Orbital Period 22.94 Cycles
Inclination 7.86°
Satellites none.

Physical Characteristics

Radius 610.08 km
Surface Gravity 3.8484 m/s2
Density 0.57 g/cm3
Circumference 3833.26 km
Surface Area 4677209.86 km2
Volume 951161139.51 km3
Escape velocity 7.48 km/s

Habitability Characteristics

Bond Albedo 22
Greenhouse effect 0
Mean Surface Temperature 136 K
Mean Surface Temperature -215 °F
Surface Pressure 4877694 kPa

Sturja VI

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