Sturja IX

Sturja IX


The ninth planet from Sturja has a prominent ring system that consists of thirteen continuous main rings and three discontinuous arcs, composed mostly of ice particles with a smaller amount of rocky debris and dust. Sixty known moons orbit the planet, this does not include the hundreds of “moonlets” comprising the rings. Ogre, Sturja IX’s largest and the star system’s second largest moon, is larger than Struja II and it retains a substantial atmosphere.

Orbital Elements *

Mass 2.25E+027 kg
Semi-Major Axis 27.55 AU
Semi-minor Axis 27.55 AU
Apoapsis 27.68 AU
Periapsis 27.42 AU
Eccentricity 0.0048°
Orbital Period 7.46 Cycles
Inclination 4.76°
Satellites 60

Physical Characteristics

Radius 7297.98 km
Surface Gravity 19.8276 m/s2
Density 0.25 g/cm3
Circumference 45854.54 km
Surface Area 669290768.98 km2
Volume 1628156194940.13 km3
Escape velocity 58.74 km/s

Habitability Characteristics

Bond Albedo 10
Greenhouse effect .423
Mean Surface Temperature 107 K
Mean Surface Temperature -267 °F
Surface Pressure 666557 kPa

Sturja IX

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