Sturja I

Sturja I

Sturja I’s parent star is Sturja making it the inward most planet in the Sturja System.


It’s proximity to the star turns the little rock into a fiery hell. Temperatures on the surface never drop below 400 K even on the dark side.

The Illuminated and other astronomers agree that Sturja II was was likely an exoplanet to the Sturja system before the formation of the star. It’s believed that Sturja 1 played a vital role in forming the system

Orbital Elements

Mass 7.11E+024 kg
Semi-Major Axis .25 AU
Semi-minor Axis .25 AU
Apoapsis .25 AU
Periapsis .25 AU
Eccentricity 0.0031°
Orbital Period 0.11 Cycles
Inclination 3.08°
Satellites 0

Physical Characteristics

Radius 636.84 km
Surface Gravity 8.2409 m/s2
Density 1.17 g/cm3
Circumference 4001.39 km
Surface Area 5096488.83 km2
Volume 1081883328.95 km3
Escape velocity 11.19 km/s

Habitability Characteristics

Bond Albedo 25
Greenhouse effect .05
Mean Surface Temperature 689 K
Mean Surface Temperature 781 °F
Surface Pressure 114966 kPa

Sturja I

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