Jump Engine

Jump Engine

The only means to travel between the stars. They are huge structures left behind by some Precursor civilization.

Jump Engines are not uniformly designed or constructed but are all variations on a theme: artificial deep space habits usually just outside of the outer gravitational boundary of a star system and built around a central cylindrical structure.

The central column of the engine contains one or, more often than not, multiple “gates”. Gates are smaller open ended tubes inside the an engine cylindrical.

Jumpengines usually have at least one Main Sized Gate with a circumference around 27 km. Some Jump Engines have only one gate but most have several gates.

FTL travel is one direction. Jump Engines aim at and send ships to arrival beacons. The process takes three steps

  1. docking for mass calibration and astrogational alignment.
  2. decoupling and reducing acceleration to zero relative to the engine’s inertial reference
  3. The Jump

The gates are the greatest mystery left by the precursors.Humanity has very little understanding of the principles at work behind the Jump Engines.

Jump Engine

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