Zayden Titus

Margrave of Sturja March and Count Regent of the Sturja Fleet.


The Margrave of Sturja March is the protector of Sturja, and a champion of the Exijan Empire. He is the lawful ruler of the territories of Sturja and the surrounding frontier.


Margrave of Sturja Zayden Titus


Third son of Vernor Titus the (previous Margrave), Zayden was born in the heights above the catwalks in León on Cyris Hope. Even though he was naturally athletic Zayden was shy and could have been described as a “mommas boy” as a child.

His father, Vernor, was mostly absent. Zayden stayed in León at his mother’s insistence even as his sister (Klara Black) was sent to Beta Mizar to be educated as a noble hostage. Zayden remained in Cyris Hope until his 15th birthday when he was sent to [[Redhurst Academy.]]

The Margrave’s military career started with his acceptance into the Imperial Naval Academy

While Zayden and the freshmen class departed for their first summer cruise aboard the ISS Albion, the ship disintegrated during the FTL Jump. He lead academy cadets to the safety of life rafts and organized a raft for medical treatment with a surgeon passenger. Despite catastrophic loss of the ship and many civilian passengers not a single Cadet died. Zayden received the Oak Pillars in recognition of his heroism.

Zayden met marchioness Lexa Titus at a movie club and after pleasantries the two began a heated debate about free will. During their involvement in the club the two continued having loud public debates about ontology, entomology, religion etc… until they fell in love. It was a passionate but brief fling.

After the academy Zayden took a post as marine recon platoon leader. Zayden Titus was deployed along the blue side spiral front where he saw action against the Dominion of Zhang. He volunteered for service with the Intelligence Directorate in Operation Phoenix. During a Deep Interior Operation his unit was ambushed and he was captured along with the surviving member of his unit, Marshal of Sturja. Gunnery Sergeant Dever helped Zayden escape, they both returned to the unit after recovering from their wounds.

Lexa was already a famous musician when she learned Zayden was injured. While he was in the hospital Lexa visited Zayden and the two resumed their love affair. This time they made it official. Before Zayden took command of another recon unit he married Lexa. She was pregnant with their first child before he deployed.

Sturja entered a period of collapse when the Margrave Vernor Titus started showing signs of early onset dementia. Piracy became a serious problem, the Viscount of Sturja III became powerful enough to ignore the Margrave.

In a move to create a sovereign pirate republic on the spin-ward fringe of the march, their was a brief rebellion when the Council of Gate Prefects, allied with the pirates, moved to install the Viscount into the Margrave-ship (Cherono-Kesperite Rebellion)

Sturja’s fleet was forced to retreat from the frontier and the flag ship was sunk. Vernor Titus’s chancellor Content Not Found: madam-hasoon sent for Zayden and used her political capital to position him as Count Regent of the Fleet.

Over the last decade Zayden quelled rebellion and re-establish the authority of the Titus dynasty. Lexa, a capable politician in her own right, brought the Viscount of Cywrath and the Commonwealth Territories to heel as a representative of Margrave Vernor.

When Vernor died Zayden was nominated to become Margrave and was easily confirmed. He has promised to extend the authority of Sturja beyond the frontier and smart money says he’ll succeed.

Zayden Titus

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